Wednesday, November 25, 2009

T-Minus 17 Days

Anyone who knows me knows I live to travel.

I can't wait to absorb India. To smell the pungent spices in the air, be thrilled and frightened by the tremendous crush of traffic and immerse myself in a culture so different from my own.

Just 17 days until we depart for Delhi.

Melissa has begun her typical stressing about everything from the most obscure parasites we can contract to the most minute of details that I always overlook. Thanks to her I know I will be properly Purel-ed!

Today's current annoyance: Why Indians do not state the obvious unless asked a direct question!? Our tour guide told us that if we wanted a driver to take us from the international airport to the domestic airport we have to pay the full day-rate, since it's an overnight shift. That seems fair.
What doesn't is that they are in two separate terminals of the SAME AIRPORT -- not two separate airports. They are only 4 miles apart! Can't we just take a cab?
We've decided to let it go... the idea of arriving at 12:30am to what promises to be a huge culture shock might be eased by having someone meet and squire us along.

But it's annoying on principal. Or maybe it's just annoying because we're New Yorkers??

I read a book recently that said: "To enjoy India you must surrender to it."

I am certainly going to try.